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Other Worldly Art Appeal at the Holocenter

October 25, 2017 in Art | Comments (0)

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DNA model projected by Pyramid Hologram. Photo by MagzhanArtykov.

Holographic art is an entirely different type of aesthetically pleasing experience. As a visual art, holography is compared with painting and drawing, but in many ways it is more like sculpture, due to the three dimensional effect it exploits.

If you have never been to an exhibition of holographic art, you are missing something otherworldly and hard to put into words. Although the Holocenter is closed in the winter, you still have a few more days, until October 29, to go to Governor’s Island where the Holocenter has exhibits of this unique art form.

The Holocenter has a number of workshops for those interested in getting more involved in holography. These include a Mapping Place workshop and Pulse Laser Holography workshop. There are also two residencies, one for Pulse Laser Production, and another to learn about Light and Space. The Holocenter also sponsors a workshop to learn about Alternative Realities: Virtual and Augmented experiences.

Visitors have an assortment of things to do and see when they visit the center: Visitors can make their own hologram; play with light in amazing new ways, and attend optics camp.

To get to the center on Governor’s Island, visitors must take a ferry, either from lower Manhattan, or from Brooklyn.

Holy Holograms!

February 5, 2015 in Culture and History | Comments (0)

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an optical table being used to make a hologram. Photo by Epzcaw

An optical table being used to make a hologram. Photo by Epzcaw

The Holocenter, or otherwise known as the Center for the Holographic Arts, is New York’s showcase for this unique and fascinating art form. Established by respected holographic artists Ana Maria Nicholson and Dan Schweitzer in 1998, the mission of the Holocenter is to “bring virtual understandings into contemporary dialogues around media participation, technology and visual-spatial information.”

The Center has an office at Flux Factory in Long Island, and a public gallery on Governors Island at the Holocenter. The staff of the Holocenter work together with artists, helping them to develop concepts and providing several holography studios. The Pulse Laser Studio is located at Ohio State University, and the New York Holgraphic Laboratories is in Manhattan.

Visitors can attend artist talks, workshops, or see the center’s publications to learn more about holography. The center is now located in a late 19th century house on Governor’s Island with limited hours, so check before you visit.