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Victory Education Partners

July 1, 2013 in Neighborhood News | Comments (0)

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Victory Education Partners was founded by Steven Klinsky to provide services for a variety of schools including: New York’s first charter school (the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem) and Harvard’s Kennedy School. In this capacity, Klinsky is also able to act as an advisor for other schools and school districts.

On establishing Victory Education Partners, Steven Klinsky realized that getting an application accepted was all about having the right expertise combined with the school’s vision. Today, Victory Schools offers help to schools to facilitate the entire authorization and development process. This begins by consulting a planning team to ensure the school’s vision is represented accurately in their application. Victory Education Partners meets the team to figure out what is needed to start – and thereafter manage – a charter school.

Victory Schools helps the team compose their application, taking the dreams and ideas and putting them with its practical expertise to formulate a highly-concrete application. Next, the team is prepped for interviews with the charter authorization personnel. Victory Schools then offers a space for the school’s team (until their actual school is ready) equipped with phones, computers and all other necessities facilitating the school’s smooth transition.

Since Steven Klinsky realized that making the transition to a charter school can be quite challenging fiscally, Victory Education Partners provides a credit line to these newly-authorized schools. As it can take a while for the first public funding payment to be processed, financial backing is offered from Victory Education Partners.

Before the establishment of Victory Education Partners, Steven Klinsky held positions like chairman or director of various companies, and is today still an Advisory Board Member of both the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard’s Kennedy School and Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative.

Victory Education Partners: Partnering with Educators to Prepare Our Children for the Future

April 8, 2012 in Neighborhood News | Comments (0)

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As our society advances at a pace almost too fast to keep up with, many parents and educators are questioning whether the old educational models are properly preparing our children to step successfully into the future.  The charter school concept is an idea which is quickly gaining momentum as more and more schools choose this paradigm to more successfully educate today’s young people who are our most precious resource and hope for a better tomorrow.


Victory Education Partners is a full service resource prepared to help teachers, parents and other professional educators find alternatives which will better meet the needs of the children whose educations they are responsible for.  School districts, school boards, parents and teachers have all turned to Victory Education Partners for the following:

  • New School Development
  •  Academic Support
  • Operations
  •  Finance and Accounting
  •   District School Improvements

There are Victory Schools found in Chicago, Philadelphia and in the city where Victory Schools first began in 1999, New York. Charter schools, which are completely public and tuition-free, is an idea whose time has come. Victory Education Partners and Victory Schools are a pioneering resource which will help better prepare for the exciting future we are all heading towards faster than ever before.