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Love Reignited in New York City

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ringIt is never too late to reignite love with an old – or even a current – flame. The case of Stan and Elaine Ostapiak proves that clearly enough. More than 40 years ago, the couple started dating. Early on in their courtship, Stan gave Elaine his high school ring. But when they got married two years later, the ring disappeared from her purse and the couple was very disappointed.

Around a month ago, a Greek young man in the island of Naxos found the ring while going through his late father’s belongings. He had no idea how it got there. ‘Seward Park High School’ – the school Stan attended – was engraved inside. Following a web search for the school alumni, the owners were reached.

President of the alumni association called Elaine and Stan and told them about the finding. Earlier this month the polished ring came by mail, all gleaming and in a new box. Sender Vasilis Polykretis mailed it with a postcard that read “I hope this ring brings you joy and happiness, and maybe some old memories.” They were delighted.

Maybe it’s time for the couple to have a second honeymoon with the new-old ring and reignite the excitement of those teen years. They don’t even need to go to Greece as New York hotels have some of the best packages for romantic getaways. For example, Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson offers an “I Do Celebration,” featuring a Superior King room which has a Jacuzzi with just enough room for two.

Now that sounds like a perfect way for Stan and Elaine to travel back in time to over four decades ago when he first gave her his high school ring.

Interesting New York Exhibitions

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Shimmie Horn

Shimmie Horn

This month is a great time to be in New York on vacation.  New York is always buzzing but for those who enjoy the city’s museums, they should check out what is going on in the area. For example, at the Audubon Terrace, the American Academy of Arts and Letters can be viewed until June 10.  For anyone staying at one of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels looking for some interesting culture, the exhibition of work by newly elected members and recipients of honors and awards, makes a great visit.  Note that it is closed Memorial Day Weekend.

First Divorcee?

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Could America Soon Have a First Divorcee Instead of a First Lady?

It seems that big time TV entertainer Roseanne Barr wants to run for President. On her recent appearance on the Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, she announced her intentions. But she won’t be doing this as part of a political party. She claimed, “I’m not for either party because they both suck and they’re both a bunch of criminals. So I made up my own party. It’s the Green Tea Party.”
Roseanne seems to be more of a funny gal than a political gal though given her reality show Roseanne’s Nuts which doesn’t exactly put her in the serious light for being considered a first lady. Well, she feels that she wants to participate in “the debates, because I want to represent the taxpayer. In fact, I’m choosing the taxpayers as my vice president.”

But if she is indeed this serious, she will have to start thinking about how she can get more viewers as when her show started last month there were 1.5m viewers. However her latest episode, according to an article in The Daily News, had only 785,000.