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Love Reignited in New York City

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ringIt is never too late to reignite love with an old – or even a current – flame. The case of Stan and Elaine Ostapiak proves that clearly enough. More than 40 years ago, the couple started dating. Early on in their courtship, Stan gave Elaine his high school ring. But when they got married two years later, the ring disappeared from her purse and the couple was very disappointed.

Around a month ago, a Greek young man in the island of Naxos found the ring while going through his late father’s belongings. He had no idea how it got there. ‘Seward Park High School’ – the school Stan attended – was engraved inside. Following a web search for the school alumni, the owners were reached.

President of the alumni association called Elaine and Stan and told them about the finding. Earlier this month the polished ring came by mail, all gleaming and in a new box. Sender Vasilis Polykretis mailed it with a postcard that read “I hope this ring brings you joy and happiness, and maybe some old memories.” They were delighted.

Maybe it’s time for the couple to have a second honeymoon with the new-old ring and reignite the excitement of those teen years. They don’t even need to go to Greece as New York hotels have some of the best packages for romantic getaways. For example, Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson offers an “I Do Celebration,” featuring a Superior King room which has a Jacuzzi with just enough room for two.

Now that sounds like a perfect way for Stan and Elaine to travel back in time to over four decades ago when he first gave her his high school ring.

Victory Education Partners

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Victory Education Partners was founded by Steven Klinsky to provide services for a variety of schools including: New York’s first charter school (the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem) and Harvard’s Kennedy School. In this capacity, Klinsky is also able to act as an advisor for other schools and school districts.

On establishing Victory Education Partners, Steven Klinsky realized that getting an application accepted was all about having the right expertise combined with the school’s vision. Today, Victory Schools offers help to schools to facilitate the entire authorization and development process. This begins by consulting a planning team to ensure the school’s vision is represented accurately in their application. Victory Education Partners meets the team to figure out what is needed to start – and thereafter manage – a charter school.

Victory Schools helps the team compose their application, taking the dreams and ideas and putting them with its practical expertise to formulate a highly-concrete application. Next, the team is prepped for interviews with the charter authorization personnel. Victory Schools then offers a space for the school’s team (until their actual school is ready) equipped with phones, computers and all other necessities facilitating the school’s smooth transition.

Since Steven Klinsky realized that making the transition to a charter school can be quite challenging fiscally, Victory Education Partners provides a credit line to these newly-authorized schools. As it can take a while for the first public funding payment to be processed, financial backing is offered from Victory Education Partners.

Before the establishment of Victory Education Partners, Steven Klinsky held positions like chairman or director of various companies, and is today still an Advisory Board Member of both the Program on Education Policy and Governance at Harvard’s Kennedy School and Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative.

A School In the Area Worth Watching

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The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls opened for its fifth consecutive year this year with 300 girls in grades kindergarten through fifth. This unique school, started with the help of Victory Schools, combines academic excellence with a multi-language approach to learning. They believe strongly in the cultural heritage of the girls and believe that with academic excellence, a sound cultural background and  multi-language approach to education the girls will achieve a global competitive edge.

Along with other New York charter schools such as the Charter School of Educational Excellence, the Grand Concourse Academy Charter School, and the Merrick Academy Queens Public Charter School, The Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls has received the guidance from Victory Schools to become a top-notch charter.

Their art enrichment program emphasizes music, dance, theater and arts while they have daily instruction in Suzuki violin, classical ballet and other unique topics as part of the every day curriculum.  They are a free public school that is open to all girls and does not require an entrance exam. They include school uniforms in their plan in order to promote school spirit and to instill a sense of order in the girls.

Their standards-based and research-proven curriculum ensures that the students learn what they need to for the state standards. They have constant assessments to measure student progress and skill and they emphasize core skills to allow for both critical thinking and creativity.

Certainly, in a time when the educational environment in America appears to be in crisis, the model of the Bronx Global Learning Institute for Girls, with the assistance of Victory Schools, is one worth watching.

Victory Education Partners: Partnering with Educators to Prepare Our Children for the Future

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As our society advances at a pace almost too fast to keep up with, many parents and educators are questioning whether the old educational models are properly preparing our children to step successfully into the future.  The charter school concept is an idea which is quickly gaining momentum as more and more schools choose this paradigm to more successfully educate today’s young people who are our most precious resource and hope for a better tomorrow.


Victory Education Partners is a full service resource prepared to help teachers, parents and other professional educators find alternatives which will better meet the needs of the children whose educations they are responsible for.  School districts, school boards, parents and teachers have all turned to Victory Education Partners for the following:

  • New School Development
  •  Academic Support
  • Operations
  •  Finance and Accounting
  •   District School Improvements

There are Victory Schools found in Chicago, Philadelphia and in the city where Victory Schools first began in 1999, New York. Charter schools, which are completely public and tuition-free, is an idea whose time has come. Victory Education Partners and Victory Schools are a pioneering resource which will help better prepare for the exciting future we are all heading towards faster than ever before.

Kids Music Class

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pianoLooking for a music class for your little one that you can also enjoy? Most of the options out there are far too noisy and cutesy for parental tastes, but no one ever wants to deprive their child of the potential enrichment. Now you have your answer:

Songs for Seeds is a series of 45-minute classes ($561 and up for sixteen weeks) which are led by a three-piece band that every adult can enjoy. Each week, kids are introduced to the music of a different country or culture. They always get the chance to do Kid-Karaoke as well, to help develop their self-confidence and their own unique style.

For more info Contact Apple Seeds: 212-792-7590

Brooklyn Hotels

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Nu-Hotel1For those wishing to be near the big city but not pay those Manhattan island prices, Brooklyn represents an attractive option. The catch is: there are only two major hotels in Brooklyn (so far – some major players, including the Sheraton, are reportedly getting into the Brooklyn business), so your choices are limited.

The first is The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, the only full-service hotel in the borough, which is located just south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Its location means that you can either walk the 30 minutes across to Manhattan or take one of the four subway lines on the hotel’s doorstep. Plus, if you choose well among the hotel’s 659 rooms and suits, you can have that skyline view that reminds you that Manhattan is right across the water. The hotel is very “corporate,” however, without much unique style. The opposite is true of your second option: Brooklyn’s first true boutique hotel, the Nu Hotel, which opened in 2008. Its Smith Street view of the high-rise city jail is not too pretty, but this artsy hotel provides enough style to compensate for an unsightly outdoor views. The hotel offers custom-made beds, and even hammocks in a few of the suites, as well as local photography and quotes from famous Brooklynites. There is a bar at night as well as lots to eat at Smith Street’s many dining spots.

The Celebrity Real Estate Market in New York City News

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Harrison-FordCelebrities are both buying and selling real estate in New York City right now, with reports that Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford is selling his penthouse in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and TV star Sarah Jessica Parker has just bought a townhouse on Central Park West.

Harrison Ford, who also owns houses in LA and Wyoming, has put his home, which has four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and 360 degree views of New York City, up for sale for $16 million. Parker and husband Matthew Broderick, along with their children, are moving from their current home in Manhattan’s West Village to their new $21 million-residence, an establishment with eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms that is the former home of philanthropist Laurie Tisch.

Be Free to Enjoy New York City

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FAO SchwarzThere’s lots to do in New York City – and much of it is free. Here are a few of my favorites:

Walk down the streets of Fifth Avenue or down 57th Street and check out the store windows. Sit outside in the new promenade near Macy’s at 34th Street and “people watch” for a while.
Go down to the Times Square subway station at rush hour and enjoy the musical events, or watch the break dancing at Grand Central.

Relive your childhood at FAO Schwartz, at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street, hugging huge stuffed animals and dancing on giant piano keys. Then cross over to Central Park and walk through the verdant greenery, inhaling the fresh air and admiring the caricature artists. Keep going till you reach the reservoir. Faced with the peaceful scene in front of you, you won’t believe that the bustle and excitement of Manhattan is right around you.

Just sit down, take a deep breath, relax and enjoy.

Ice Skating at Bryant Park

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Ice Skating at Bryant ParkWhether it’s going to see the skaters at Rockefeller Center, or  relishing the rinks at two of the city’s main parks Ice skating has long been a New York City tradition. There is a Wollman Rink both in Manhattan’s illustrious Central Park and in the less-known but also-enjoyable Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Both are a wonderful part of winter in New York.

Another rink at Bryant Park has had a different story. Despite having already been around for five years, the skating rink in midtown Manhattan’s Bryant Park, between 40th and 42nd streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues — right near the famous Library Lions of the New York Public Library’s main branch – remains less known than its older counterparts.

The rink, which is free (there are charges for skate rentals), is 17,000 square feet. That makes it about half of the size of Central Park’s Wollman Rink and twice as big as the one in Rockefeller Center. The winter season began on the 29th of October and will continue until February 27, 2011. Hours are Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am until midnight. Skate rentals are $13, lock purchase $9, small bag check $7, large bag check $10, skate sharpening $20. Use of storage lockers is available at no cost.