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The Best Place in the Universe to Buy a Pair of Jeans

October 6, 2014 in Fashion | Comments (0)

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Custom-made jeans at your service

Custom-made jeans at your service

It is hard to imagine a more dedicated spot to the beauty, wear-ability and customization of jeans than the homage to those incredible pants than at 3X1 Denim. Located at 15 Mercer Street on the edge of Chinatown, this place, and its dedication to creating the perfect pair of denim jeans, will blow your mind.

Have you ever lamented the difficulty in finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit to a tee and have that very special look that you and only you crave? Well, look no more. Born of the creative mind of Evisu designer and founder of Paper, Denim, Cloth, Scott Morrison, don’t let the simple storefront on Mercer fool you. Once inside, you will immediately know you have arrived at jean heaven.

A glance on the right will reveal all the different cuts of denim, hung in Plexiglas boxes along the wall. Jeans as art on display. At the back of the store you will most like spot one or two seamstresses in the workshop. Yes, the jeans are nothing if they are not fresh. Those tailors might even be working on your jeans at that exact moment. Smack in the middle of the room are the items with which customers make their jeans their own: rivets, buttons, pocket shapes, linings, piping, selvedge strips, and interior pocket patterns. Can you think of anything else? I can’t. The left side of the room is where the real salivation can begin. It’s the Denim Wall, and it’s more aptly described as the Denim Mountain. See spools of denim fabric stacked floor to ceiling in every color, blue to black to purple and back; every thickness, from shag rug heavy to paper thin; and anything else you can imagine, and can’t imagine.

Now head over there and have Morrison, and his denim elves, paint a pair of denim jeans onto you like you were born with them on.

Underwear Revisited at FIT

June 5, 2014 in Fashion | Comments (0)

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Modern Corset

Modern Corset

Ever wonder what women wore under those huge dresses of the 18th and 19th centuries? The Fashion Institute of Technology has put together an exhibit which will cure your curiosity, as well as educate you on a previously little revealed subject.

Exposed: A History of Lingerie will take you on a tour of the development of women’s intimate apparel featuring more than 70 undergarments tracing their development from the 18th century until modern times.

Silk, cotton and lacey lingerie from designers such as Patricia Fieldwalker, Valerie Porr and Christian Dior will reveal the hidden secret of women’s intimate dressing world. From corsets made with whalebone to silky little nothings, come explore the wonderful world of women’s underwear.

This exhibit is free and runs from June 3rd to November 15th. FIT is at Seventh Avenue and West 27th Street. For more information contact: 212.217.4558

It’s Fashion Week Again at Lincoln Center

September 9, 2013 in Fashion | Comments (0)

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Some tempting foot-treats from Fashion Week

Some tempting foot-treats from Fashion Week

Beginning on September 5th and concluding on the 12th, the iconic Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has invaded Lincoln Center and will not end until the fat lady sings. On display will be the up and coming hot items for the spring of 2014. An amazing number of fashion’s favorites, upwards of hundreds of thousands, will converge on Damrosch Park to oogle and ahh during shows and presentations enough to make your heart race and head spin.

Too bad the fashion shows are not open to the public, but never fear, there is plenty else to do for us peons in association with the event. Want to go to some par-ties, presentations and other assorted fashion-related activities? Check it out at PAPER and TimeOut New York.

New York Holiday Shopping at Its Best

December 19, 2011 in Fashion | Comments (0)

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Ring Design by Dara Ettinger

Dara Ettinger is a New York City jewelry designer, and she is cutting her prices for the entire month of December for much of her inventory. For example, rose-gold stone necklaces are $25 instead of the retail $84. Brooklyn Heights at 214 Hicks Street, 718-875-3272; Mon–Sat 11am–7pm, Sun noon–6pm.

Fred Flare pop-up is a great place to hunt for that perfect gift on-line, and get free shipping, too. Or if you prefer go in the flesh to their outlet in the Chelsea Market during the holiday shopping season. Where else can you get a Nice Jewish Guys calendar for $18. 75 Ninth Ave at 16th Street. Thu 15–Sat 17 10:30am–7pm; Sun 18 10:30am–6pm; Mon 19–Fri 23 10:30am–7pm.

Seletti is the place for great household products, and now is the time to get some great deals. How about Pantone chairs for $20 instead of $91; and porcelain dining room tableware in the shape of the Palace Hotel are $30 instead of the retail price of $188; and dressers with three drawers are priced down from $1600 to $400. That’s a lot of savings for some really fantastic products. 18 Bridge St at John St, Dumbo, Brooklyn, 347-499-2871.

Fashion’s Night Out Returns for Third Season

August 22, 2011 in Fashion | Comments (0)

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What would New York be without the fashion industry, and what would the fashion industry be without shoppers? This is the question that Fashion’s Night Out answers. All the crucial elements of the fashion industry take part, including the planets of designers, models, fashion editors, and other interested celebrities, all revolving around the great shining sun of shoppers.

Inaugurated in 2009 as a way to restore buyer’s confidence, boost the economy of an industry that had been in the doldrums, celebrate fashion and to put the fun back in shopping for fashion, Fashion’s Night Out, or FNO, is returning with a vengeance this September 8th.

FNO is the opening gambit of the entire fashion season, and it is quite an event. From 6pm to 11pm shoppers will flock to their favorite fashion outlets, drinking champagn, shopping till they drop, and enjoying other fashion related exclusive events.

Check-out the official website of Fashion’s Night Out for a complete list of events and help planning your special evening.

Alexander McQueen Exhibit Opens at the Met

May 9, 2011 in Art,Fashion,Museums | Comments (0)

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Pulling in visitors in numbers greater than any other Costume Institute Show in history, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art had to suspend their guided tours because of overflow crowds.

Garnering an astounding 5,100 people to opening day last Wednesday, the new Alexander McQueen exhibit came close to the record set by the museum’s most busy opening day ever in its history: “Vincent van Gogh: The Drawings,” which brought in 5,400 people back in 2005.

Savage Beauty Showcases McQueen’s Contrasts

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen, the world famous clothing designer, who died last year, was not afraid to explore the world of contrasts: Dark and light; past and future; masculine and feminine. Thus the name of the exhibit, “Savage Beauty,” the first such show since his passing, is certainly apropos.

The Met’s Costume Institute explores the fabulous world of McQueen extremes, an intellectual and an artist, whose career as a designer was celebrated until his suicide at the age of 40 in February of 2010. His was a journey into the world of contrasts, where he challenged the usual ideas about beauty, while going for the shocking statement whenever he felt it was appropriate.

McQueen Challenged Normal Notions of Beauty

The exhibit curator, Andrew Bolton said that McQueen was always exploring ways to question normal conventions of fashion and beauty, citing a quote from Shakespeare which he had tattooed on his arm, which is also the starting point for the show: “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”

These words were said by Helena from a Midsummer Night’s Dream, explained Bolton, who was someone who believed that love had the power to transform the ordinary into the beautiful.

Designer was Also a Believer

Bolton continued to explain that McQueen was not unlike Helena, for he, too was a believer:

“All of McQueen’s collections were fashioned around elaborate narratives, and the exhibition is intended to evoke a gothic fairy tale, a fairy tale that is pushed forward by McQueen’s imagination.”