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Phoenix Ancient Art Exhibit On Times Square Jumbotron

May 1, 2012 in Art | Comments (0)

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Ancient Faience Meets Times Square

In an unusual meeting of the ultra-modern and the exquisitely ancient, Phoenix Ancient Art, a dealer in fine antiquities with bases in New York and Geneva, chose to advertise its December show “Faience: World Treasures” on what might be the world’s most famous television screen, the Jumbotron in Times Square.

The electronic billboard displayed many of the beautiful artworks from the show, a presentation of ancient faience pieces from the private collection of the Aboutam family. The company, originally begun by Sleiman Aboutam, is today owned and run by his sons, Ali and Hicham, who perpetuate the collection of fine faience jewelry and amulets. Most of the 100 objects in the collection are from the Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt, dating back to as much as 2040 BCE, and as early as 1294 BCE. The oldest pieces are from Mesopotamia and date from about 2500 BCE and are animal shaped amulets.

The show itself ran at the New York branch of Phoenix Ancient Art from December 6th – 30th, then moved to the 57th Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair at the end of January, and will be at the Geneva gallery of Phoenix this spring.