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Love Reignited in New York City

July 16, 2014 in Neighborhood News,Uncategorized | Comments (0)

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ringIt is never too late to reignite love with an old – or even a current – flame. The case of Stan and Elaine Ostapiak proves that clearly enough. More than 40 years ago, the couple started dating. Early on in their courtship, Stan gave Elaine his high school ring. But when they got married two years later, the ring disappeared from her purse and the couple was very disappointed.

Around a month ago, a Greek young man in the island of Naxos found the ring while going through his late father’s belongings. He had no idea how it got there. ‘Seward Park High School’ – the school Stan attended – was engraved inside. Following a web search for the school alumni, the owners were reached.

President of the alumni association called Elaine and Stan and told them about the finding. Earlier this month the polished ring came by mail, all gleaming and in a new box. Sender Vasilis Polykretis mailed it with a postcard that read “I hope this ring brings you joy and happiness, and maybe some old memories.” They were delighted.

Maybe it’s time for the couple to have a second honeymoon with the new-old ring and reignite the excitement of those teen years. They don’t even need to go to Greece as New York hotels have some of the best packages for romantic getaways. For example, Shimmie Horn’s Washington Jefferson offers an “I Do Celebration,” featuring a Superior King room which has a Jacuzzi with just enough room for two.

Now that sounds like a perfect way for Stan and Elaine to travel back in time to over four decades ago when he first gave her his high school ring.

Renovating New York’s Finest Hotels

December 14, 2012 in Tourism | Comments (0)

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Hotel Belleclaire New Lounge

It is fascinating to look at renovations that hotels have undertaken and the surprising finds that they’ve made along the way.

The Hotel Belleclaire, owned by Shimmie Horn, for instance, spent much of 2012 renovating their lobby. In the midst of these renovations, they discovered incredibly high ceilings that are over 17 feet high. They are framed in intricate, ornate crown molding and have mosaic-tiled floors.

They also recently discovered a 40 foot skylight that also dates back 100 years. As they describe on their website for the Hotel Belleclaire with Shimmie Horn, “What originally began as a lobby redesign has emerged into a restoration and enhancement project.  After extensive research on Emery Roth’s original design elements; we have decided that the traditional details will be refashioned using historical references and modern techniques.”

Another example of hotels that have made dramatic renovations is the Westin New York Grand Central. They showed their renovations on October 12th, after investing $75 million into their renovation project. All of the 774 guest rooms received complete makeovers and the 12,000 square foot meeting space did as well. There is now a 3000 square foot fitness studio to rival some of the best in New York.

These are a few of the many examples of hotels in the New York area that are getting dramatic face-lifts. Certainly guests will benefit from these investments for years to come.

Glam It Up for Fashion Week with the Hotel Belleclaire

September 12, 2012 in Entertainment | Comments (0)

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Fashion Week is happening right now at Lincoln Center, creating a great deal of press and excitement in the fashion world. As part of Fashion Week, many clever businesses are offering extra perks to the fashion designers, photographers, models and guests who are staying in the area. Virgin Atlantic, for instance, is offering its top-end customers who are leaving London Healthrow airport a free Bumble & Bumble trim or styling session in the Virgin Clubhouse.

Similarly, Hotel Belleclaire owned by Shimmie Horn on the Upper West Side in New York City is getting into the act.

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, The Belleclaire boasts free hair and makeup sessions with professional stylists inside the hotel for all guests of the hotel. Those who were clever enough to book Belleclaire’s Fashion Week special package will find themselves enjoying time in the hotel’s “Social Scene Room” where stylists from the local Dramatic NYC salon will offer amazing makeovers.

As Adisa Feratovic, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing explains, guests will enjoy free makeover sessions and they can come as often as they’d like from 10 am to 2 pm until tomorrow, September 13th.

In addition to the makeover sessions, guests who have booked this package are enjoying a deluxe room stay, a bottle of champagne, Dean and Deluca gourmet snacks upon arrival, and two tickets to the Stand Up NY Comedy Club.

It’s certainly worthwhile to look your best for Fashion Week, and both Virgin Atlantic and Shimmie Horn’s Hotel Belleclaire are helping people to achieve this goal.

Interesting New York Exhibitions

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Shimmie Horn

Shimmie Horn

This month is a great time to be in New York on vacation.  New York is always buzzing but for those who enjoy the city’s museums, they should check out what is going on in the area. For example, at the Audubon Terrace, the American Academy of Arts and Letters can be viewed until June 10.  For anyone staying at one of Shimmie Horn’s Triumph Hotels looking for some interesting culture, the exhibition of work by newly elected members and recipients of honors and awards, makes a great visit.  Note that it is closed Memorial Day Weekend.

Hotel Belleclaire Staying in Good Hands

November 21, 2011 in Real Estate News | Comments (0)

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Certainly, landmark locations in New York are precious to the history of the State, as they tell a story of times gone by. The current Hotel Belleclaire owned by Shimmie Horn, located at 250 West 11th Street on the Upper West Side is one such landmark.

Originally completed in 1903, this landmark hotel was created as a 10 story, 121,000 square foot building and was designed by Emery Roth. The original design had the building as an apartment hotel which was intended to offer temporary and permanent dwellings. It included a restaurant service, but no kitchens in each individual unit. It was designed in the Art Nouveau-Secessionist style and was designated by the city as a landmark in 1987.
Preserving the one hundred year old traditional of this landmark, hotel operator and owner Shimmie Horn has recently guaranteed the continuation of the hotel for another 40 years. Last month, Shimmie Horn renewed his lease of the property, signing a 40 year renewal with property owner Lophijo Realty. The new lease is good until June of 2051 and offers Shimmie Horn the option to purchase the historic building anytime between 2026 and 2051, should he desire to do so.

Today, the Hotel Belleclaire with Shimmie Horn includes a 242 room hotel that has preserved the look and regal feel of the original location.

A Glamorous Tour of New York City

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Whether you have one day or one month to tour New York City, you’ll never tire of activities.  The city that never sleeps offers something for everyone and is full of exciting shows, restaurants, adventures and more.

Start your trip by making sure that you are well rested during the entire stay.  Check out the Washington Jefferson Hotel owned by Shimmie Horn. Located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, this hip locale is newly renovated and a luxurious place to stay.  Shimmie Horn has thought of everything, and tourists are guaranteed to have a lovely, elegant stay with the comforts they would enjoy at home.

Well rested and ready to sightsee, it’s time to go to Rockefeller Center.  If you have the time, go for a 70 minute NBC Studio Tour and then look at Radio City Music Hall and 30 Rockefeller Plaza.  If you didn’t get advanced tickets for the Empire State Building, you might decide to skip that sight and take the elevator up to the Top of the Rock instead for a great view.

Enjoy some great shopping, or at least some great store window shopping, on Fifth Avenue.  You’ll see where the fanciest people shop and you’ll admire the elegance of each store front.

Hit the Empire State Building and hope that you can get to the top (or order tickets ahead of time to ensure that you will).  Make sure to take in the Museum of Modern Art as well.

And, of course, no trip to New York is complete without Times Square.  Go to the half price ticket book there to see if you can catch a Broadway Show and have fun looking at the dazzling lights and the glamour of Times Square!

The New Chandler: The Old New Hotel

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Shimmie HornThe Chandler owned by hotelier Shimmie Horn (Triumph Hospitality) has gone through a lot of transformations…the latest being the most elegant thus far.  Most people notice its beautiful and soft cherry and ebony wood theme, but the aspect which stands out the most about Hotel Chandler is the marble floor of the grand lobby, which showcases a star design. The hotel has fourteen floors, one hundred and twenty-three rooms and eight sweets, all accessed by an airy, refurbished spiral staircase.

Hotel clients have also relished in the bed and breakfast option at the Chandler as well as other hospitality addition like the fitness center, Finnish sauna, library room, desktop computer, and more.

The Triumph Hospitality brand owned by Shimmie Horn includes the Iroquois New York, Washington Jefferson Hotel and Hotel Belleclaire as well.