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El Museo del Barrio Brings Latino Culture to Life

April 4, 2013 in Museums | Comments (0)

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El Museo del Barrio is New York City’s leading Latino cultural depository, welcoming all visitors from all cultures to explore and discover the unique and exciting world of Latin America and the

El Museo del Barrio

El Museo del Barrio

Caribbean right here in the Big Apple.

Located at 1230 Fifth Avenue (at 104th Street), the museum has been housed in the almost 100-year-old historic Heckscher Building since the fall of 1977, about eight years after artist/educator Rafael Montañez Ortiz was appointed to create educational materials to introduce into New York City school District 4 on the culture, folklore, history and art of Puerto Rico. Instead of creating curricula, Ortiz instead conceived the idea of El Museo del Barrio. In the following Ortiz introduced the idea of the museum to Puerto Rican artists:

“The Museo del Barrio is its title: a neighborhood museum of Puerto Rican culture. . .” El Museo del Barrio receives its primary funding from the Board of Education from 1969 until 1974. Montañez Ortiz stated, “The cultural disenfranchisement I experience as a Puerto Rican has prompted me to seek a practical alternative to the orthodox museum, which fails to meet my needs for an authentic ethnic experience. To afford me and others the opportunity to establish living connections with our own culture, I founded El Museo del Barrio”

A visit to the unique El Museo del Barrio is sure to be a fun, eye-opening experience.

Open Wednesday thru Saturday 11am-6pm. Closed on New Year’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
For more information call: 212-831-7272