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Art and Antique Collectors Rejoice this Week at the Armory

April 30, 2013 in Art | Comments (0)

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Ali Aboutaam

Chariot and Banquet  from Phoenix Ancient Art

Serious art and antique collectors as well as those with a fascination with ancient and contemporary art have every reason to celebrate this week. On Wednesday evening, May 1st the “Spring Show NYC” will open with a benefit to raise money for the ASPCA, and then will continue until May 5, at the Park Avenue Armory.

Among the 50 exhibitors on hand are 15 leading galleries from all over the United States and abroad who have never participated in the show before, plus some veteran participants who are among the region’s most respected and notable dealers of art and antiquities.

For those history buffs among us who would like to travel back in time not just centuries, but millennia, then be sure to stop by the exhibit of brothers Hicham and Ali Aboutaam, proprietors of the distinguished dealership Phoenix Ancient Art. Here you will find artifacts dating as far back at 7,000 years (!), and as new as the first century AD. Explore the art and culture of ancient civilizations, and take something from your favorite bygone era home with you.

Looking for something a little newer? Lillian Nassau is a prestigious art dealership, owned by Arlie Sulka, which has on hand incredibly beautiful Tiffany Studio pieces and a lot more. Investigate classic lamps, pottery, and glass and desk items. Over the years there have been so many cheap copies of Tiffany lamps produced that a bit of their specialness may have worn off. But a visit to Lillian Nassau and a talk with Sulka will re-excite you about the beauty, style and class of real Tiffany pieces, whose value over the years has continued to climb.

A visit to Carlton Hobbs, an exclusive dealer in rare, unique and collectible art and antiques from the 17th through 19th centuries, will make you feel like one of the royals who actually once owned much of the pieces on hand. Go take a look at the amazing, impeccable furniture and art which used to inhabit the abodes of some of Europe’s most powerful, and rich, aristocracy.

General admission for the “Spring Show NYC” is $20 for one day and $40 for all three days. The show is being held at the Park Avenue Armory at 643 Park Avenue at 67th Street. Open from 11am on Thursday May 2 through Saturday May 4; Open at 12 noon on Sunday, May 5. Closing times: Thursday-7:30pm; Friday-9pm; Saturday-7:30pm and Sunday, May 6 the closing time will be 6pm. For more information call: Michael Franks, Fair Director, 800.563.7632.

Don’t miss this spectacular show for art lovers, antique admirers and collectors of every type and taste.

Phoenix Ancient Art Exhibit On Times Square Jumbotron

May 1, 2012 in Art | Comments (0)

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Ancient Faience Meets Times Square

In an unusual meeting of the ultra-modern and the exquisitely ancient, Phoenix Ancient Art, a dealer in fine antiquities with bases in New York and Geneva, chose to advertise its December show “Faience: World Treasures” on what might be the world’s most famous television screen, the Jumbotron in Times Square.

The electronic billboard displayed many of the beautiful artworks from the show, a presentation of ancient faience pieces from the private collection of the Aboutam family. The company, originally begun by Sleiman Aboutam, is today owned and run by his sons, Ali and Hicham, who perpetuate the collection of fine faience jewelry and amulets. Most of the 100 objects in the collection are from the Middle and New Kingdoms of Egypt, dating back to as much as 2040 BCE, and as early as 1294 BCE. The oldest pieces are from Mesopotamia and date from about 2500 BCE and are animal shaped amulets.

The show itself ran at the New York branch of Phoenix Ancient Art from December 6th – 30th, then moved to the 57th Brussels Antiques & Fine Arts Fair at the end of January, and will be at the Geneva gallery of Phoenix this spring.