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To Dress for Success, Go Gurung

March 28, 2011 in Entertainment | Comments (0)

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Prabal Gurung Discovered

“When someone is that good, they don’t remain undiscovered for too long, ” was the general word being spread – expressed by Anne Slowey (Elle’s fashion news director) – at New York Fashion Week vis-à-vis Prabal Gurung’s debut collection. He may be a freshman, but that didn’t stop him making a statement at Chelsea’s Flag Art Foundation.

Gurung’s Background

Gurung has always been interested in fashion, being teased as a high school kid for his “style acumen and stacks of sketchbooks.” He worked in Australia, London and then New York, landing a position as the design director of Bill Blass (a classic American fashion house), before starting out on his own amidst a backdrop of a frail global economy.

It seems what has made Gurung stand out most has been his uniqueness in the fashion world, according to Colleen Sherin (Saks Fifth Avenue’s senior fashion director), who commented, “he wasn’t a derivative of someone else. He certainly got our attention.”

Gurung’s Famed Clients

Of course it helped Mr. Gurung that Hollywood actress Demi Moore tweeted a photo of herself in one of his cocktail dresses, urging her Twitter followers to “look out for fashion’s rising star.” And the President’s wife herself wore a “stunning red ruched number to the White House Correspondent’s dinner last May, a hot pink sheath on ‘Oprah’ in January and most recently a one-shouldered yellow gown to last month’s Governor’s Dinner.”

So if you want to stay hot in New York’s fashion world today, you might want to get yourself clad in a number from Prabal Gurung, having been described by Sherin as being “the whole package…a talented designer and lovely personality, too.” The message thus seems clear: to dress for success, go Gurung.