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Supreme Court Justice Stevens to Speak at ‘Y’

October 10, 2011 in Culture and History | Comments (0)

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In the mood for some intellectual stimulation? There are a huge number of lectures available for New Yorkers to attend this coming week. One lecture of particular interest will take place at the 92nd Street Y, featuring the retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Stevens served for 34 as s Justice, and he now wrote a book about his experiences on the highest court in the land.  The book, Five Chiefs: A Supreme Court Memoir, describes some of the landmark decisions in which Stevens was involved.

The talk will feature a discussion of some of those crucial decisions, including Gregg v. Georgia, which reaffirmed the use of the death penalty as a form of punishment for serious crimes.
Call the ‘Y” for more information and reservations: 212-415-5500.