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Janna Bullock and Amanda Nisbet: Women Designers in New York City

April 12, 2011 in Art,Entertainment | Comments (0)

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Let’s talk about interior design, especially two women decorators working in New York who immediately come to mind as the kind that understand the importance of a pleasing aesthetic, a warm embrace, and an artistic nuance to making a house become a home. I am talking about Janna Bullock and Amanda Nisbet.

Quality of Interior Design Crucial

New York is well known for its elegant apartments, townhouses and homes. What is often forgotten when admiring the location, age or history of the living space in question, is that perhaps the most important element which can mean the difference between living in a comfortable, pleasing environment and not, is the quality of the interior design.

After all, even a small, cramped apartment can be made to feel spacious and homey when the correct approach is taken to the furnishings and accessories; and even the largest and well thought-out floor plan can be irritating and annoying if it is decorated poorly or without the personalities and needs of the residents in mind.

Two female decorators working in New York are the kind of designers that understand the importance of a pleasing aesthetic, a warm embrace, and an artistic nuance to making a house become a home.

Janna Bullock Joins Art, Architecture and Design

Janna Bullock is famous for her use of contemporary artists which are considered as important to the overall results and architecture and design. As Janna Bullock has said, “For art and architecture to co-habitate, it is important to create inspirational interiors and not sterile environments.” Ms. Bullock was originally a real estate developer who made her mark buying, renovating and reselling townhouses on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

A few years ago Janna Bullock was synthesized her love for historic architecture with her passion for modern art to create a warm, calm and tranquil environment in a 3,000 square foot apartment in New York’s Plaza Hotel. “When you design a collector’s residence it is important that the art has enough space to live, inspire and influence,” Janna Bullock explained. “There needs to be harmony between all of the components.”

Nisbet Expert in Fabric Design

Amanda Nisbet was born in Montreal but has become a central figure in New York’s world of interior, fabric and lighting design. Amanda has a real sense of fashion, as she explains, “I love fashion. I am lucky to live in New York City where I can walk down Madison Avenue through SoHo and see incredible window displays. What fashion designers are doing inspires me.”

Amanda Nisbet could be said to be a bit more fun-loving and vital where Janna Bullock is more elegant.

“My perfect room is an imperfect room. When something is slightly askew, it gives a room more energy.”