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Feet Festival in New York in August On Summer Streets

August 2, 2012 in Entertainment | Comments (0)

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It’s August, and the people of New York are taking back their streets! That’s right, for the fifth consecutive summer pedestrians rule on three Saturdays in a row beginning on August 4th, from 7am until 1pm on almost 7 miles of New York’s beautiful streets.

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park and on Park Avenue, and on the connecting streets cars, busses, cabs and motorcycles will be banished to be replaced by bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, and just plain feet.

On 51st Street stop by and pick up a free bike helmet, and at Foley Square take to the skies on a real urban zip line. There will be a climbing wall, urban art and a Whole Foods Market on hand to round out the strolling experience.

Everything is free on August 4, 11 and 18- so come on down and experience New York in a whole new way.

Brooklyn Hotels

December 14, 2010 in Neighborhood News | Comments (0)

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Nu-Hotel1For those wishing to be near the big city but not pay those Manhattan island prices, Brooklyn represents an attractive option. The catch is: there are only two major hotels in Brooklyn (so far – some major players, including the Sheraton, are reportedly getting into the Brooklyn business), so your choices are limited.

The first is The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, the only full-service hotel in the borough, which is located just south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Its location means that you can either walk the 30 minutes across to Manhattan or take one of the four subway lines on the hotel’s doorstep. Plus, if you choose well among the hotel’s 659 rooms and suits, you can have that skyline view that reminds you that Manhattan is right across the water. The hotel is very “corporate,” however, without much unique style. The opposite is true of your second option: Brooklyn’s first true boutique hotel, the Nu Hotel, which opened in 2008. Its Smith Street view of the high-rise city jail is not too pretty, but this artsy hotel provides enough style to compensate for an unsightly outdoor views. The hotel offers custom-made beds, and even hammocks in a few of the suites, as well as local photography and quotes from famous Brooklynites. There is a bar at night as well as lots to eat at Smith Street’s many dining spots.