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December Displays: The Best of the Holiday Window Scenes

December 1, 2010 in Entertainment | Comments (0)

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It’s the first of December here in New York City, and there’s no better month to enjoy all that the city has to offer. While the weather is cold – an average high of 44°F and love of 32°F – you can still bundle up in a warm winter jacket and walk the streets of the city. One of the most celebrated elements of Manhattan during December are the Holiday Window Displays. In an annual tradition, famous department stores, including Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdales, and Barneys, create breathtaking scenes in their shop windows for all to see and enjoy. Our recommendations are:

Macy’s: Located on 34th Street, Macy’s puts up scenes from Miracle on 34th Street, as well a second set of windows with a theme that varies each year.

Lord & Taylor: Moving up to 40th and 5th Avenue, the Lord & Taylor windows depict classic holiday themes, including fairytale and wondrous winter scenes.

Saks Fifth Avenue: These are a particularly good choice for children, as the windows usually use animated depictions of a season children’s book. Saks is also located right across from Rockefeller Center, another good December site.

Barneys New York: Head on over to Madison Avenue to check the hip and humorous windows set up at Barneys.

Bergdorf Goodman: As befits this sophisticated seller of high couture, the windows of Bergorf Goodman feature genuine antiques and elegant design.